Behind the Scenes of the Yearbook Staff

As many of you could guess, multiple yearbook members participate in other activities. Out of the 18 staff members, 11 of us are involved in other activities. There are three basketball players, five cheer and dance team members, and six speech kids. That leaves us with five people that don’t participate in any other activities besides yearbook. We also have a group of people that are involved with out of school shenanigans as well. As you probably know, Brenna Milius has been competitively dancing for 12 years.  Joeie Gaebel has been involved with horses for almost seven years. Sophie Habrock, Meagan Mackling, and Jordan Winkler grew up playing for the same basketball team, Nebraska Heat. Chase Cosgrove has been playing select basketball for Sarpy Shock. Madeline Eggink played Roller Derby for around two years as well. Therefore, there is more to yearbook members’ lives than editing pages and taking pictures.


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