One Act Season Review

Brenna Milius

This year’s One Act had a very successful season. The team performed the musical The Wizard of Oz. The cast and crew competed in six competitions. They also held a public performance at the school.

The first competition was held in Norfolk. The team received runner-up competing against Class B schools. The three scores given to the musical were 54, 53, and 57. Acting awards were presented to Ellie Geise, Tatum Nickell, Lauren Downs, Lukas Sollberger, Natalie Bauermeister, and Olivia Minchow.

The second competition the team competed in was held at York High School. The musical placed 4th overall in the Large Schools Division. The scores that the team received were 54, 54, and 56. Ellie Geise was given the Best Actress Award of Large Schools Division. Outstanding Performance awards were also given to Ellie Geise, Emily Downs, Peyton Banks, Olivia Minchow, Natalie Bauermeister, Tatum Nickell, and Anna Niemoth.

Before ECNC, the team performed at Wausa; however, they were only given scores and not places. The Wausa competition was to prepare for Conference One Act the following day. The team received runner-up at East Central Nebraska Conference. The rankings of the musical were 1, 2, and 2. The scores improved since their last competition, and they were given a 56, 58, and 59. Best actress award was presented to Ellie Geise. Outstanding Performers mentioned on ballots were: Ellie Geise, Peyton Banks, Tatum Nickell, Lukas Sollberger, Natalie Bauermeister, and Emily Downs.

Following Conference One Act, the team’s next competition was District One Act. Districts decided if the team would qualify for state. To qualify teams have to receive a first place award. Fortunately, the team won District One Act. Afters years competing at the Class C1 level, the team competed at the Class B level this year. The scores given to the team were near perfect. The team received a 60, 58, and 57. Outstanding performers were: Ellie Geise, Tatum Nickell, Emily Downs, Olivia Minchow, Lauren Downs, Lukas Sollberger, Natalie Bauermeister, and Peyton Banks.

The team had the opportunity to compete at the State One Act Competition in Norfolk. They placed 5th overall in Class B and had scores of 56, 57, and 57. Ellie Geise, Natalie Bauermeister, and Lukas Sollberger all received outstanding performance awards. The team had a great season and had many accomplishments to be proud of. The cast and crew look forward to continuing their success next season.



Dorothy: Ellie Geise

Scarecrow: Lauren Downs

Tin Man: Lukas Sollberger

Toto: Tatum Nickell

Glinda: Emily Downs

Oz/Wizard of Oz: Peyton Banks

Wicked Witch: Olivia Minchow

Mayor: Sierra Cox

Munchkin #1: Kyle Hapgood

Munchkin #2: Caitlin Farber

Woman: Allison White

Barrister: Terrance Ball

Oz’s Guard: Danni Barkhurst

Nikko (lead monkey): McKenna Jones

Winkie Guards: Sierra Cox, Kyle Hapgood, and Julian Covington

Munchkins: McKenna Jones, Skyler Pollock, Cassidy Niemoth, and Joey Gruber, Meagan Hay, Audrey Felix, Chyann Warner, Katie Kerans, Jade Beisterfeld, Rylee Stohlmann, Julie Katz, Sophie Habrock, Danni Barkhurst, Kyle Hapgood, and Julian Covington

Citizens of Oz: Terrance Ball, Skyler Pollock, Cassidy Niemoth, Allison White, Joey Gruber,  Meagan Hay, Audrey Felix, Chyann Warner, Katie Kerans, Jade Beisterfeld, and Rylee Stohlmann

Monkey Dancers: Val Knott, Kerigan Juracek, Caitlin Farber, Julie Katz, Sophie Habrock, and McKenna Jones



Stage Manager: Carsen Knott

Assistant Stage Manager: Lauryn Kalkowski

Lead Running Crew: Jason Wilhelm

Light Board Operator/Lead: Skyler Lipsys

Spotlight Operator: Clara Muntz

Onstage Lighting/Running Crew: Merlin Good

Sound Board: Shea Hanrahan

Running Crew: Lily Korytowski, Gracie Banks, Joe Dickey, Joseph Sheehan, and Maddy Nolte

Makeup Crew Lead: Sophie Habrock


Pianist: Anna Niemoth

Percussion: Alicia Gray   

Assistant Directors: Jamie Nuss and Kevin White

Director: Allison Bauers


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